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October 2022 -  Cortázar at the Linea d'Ombra Festival, Italy

September 2022 -  Cortázar at the Torino Underground Cinefest, Italy

September 2022 - Cortázar at the Garofano Rosso Film Festival, Italy

July 2022 - Cortázar at the Suspaustas Laikas Film Festival, Lithuania

June 2022 - Cortázar at the Aigio Short Film Festival, Greece  (Best Cinematography Award)


June 2022​ - Cortázar at the Psarokokalo International Short Film Festival, Greece,

June 2022 - Circle of Confusion at the 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin

City of Sleep: receives script funding from the Greek Film Center





NAUSEA - Notes from a Sea Voyage

2023  |  11'  |  1:1.85  |  Colour

still 2.jpg

2021 |  10' |  1:1.85 | Colour


Cortázar Film Poster.jpg


In Development

Stories of Endangered Species

Stories of Endangered Species

Feature film, fiction
(currently in post production)

City of Sleep

City of Sleep 

Feature film, fiction

(currently in development)

Script Funding by Greek Film Center

Particles of Dust

Particles of Dust

Feature Film, fiction
(Funded by the Greek Film Center,
In production)

Other Projects



Single channel video installation 2022 

48 Stunden Neukölln 

Circle of Confusion

COF final48.jpg


Photography exhibition by Argyris Germanidis (2018)


Street Photography 

One Day Older 

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Argyris Germanidis was born in Athens. He studied History and Theory of Science at the University of Athens and Film Studies at the Stavrakos Film School. For more than a decade he worked in Greece as a screenwriter and script editor before turning to directing his own short films and documentaries.

In 2014 he moved to Berlin, where he continues working as an independent filmmaker and photographer. 



Cortázar (10', 2021)

Best Cinematography Award - Athens International Film Festival

Special Mention by the GSC - Drama International Film Festival

Best Cinematography Award - Aigio International Film Festival

Cinematic Achievement Award - Thessaloniki Short Film Festival

Left - Right  (14', 2009)

Director - Scriptwriter

Special Mention - Cinema Tous Ecrans (Switzerland)

Best Balkan Film Award - Filmini International Short Film Festival (Bulgaria)

Best Cinematography Award - Villach K3 International Short Film Festival (Austria)

Jury Special Award- Golden Boll Adana Film Festival (Turkey)

3rd International Award -ZubrOFFka International Short Film Festival - (Poland)

Selected in 37 international film festivals (Sarajevo, Shanghai, Molodist, São Paulo, Dokufest...)

Rio  (2007, Feature Film)


Balkan Fund Prize - Thessaloniki Film Festival 2007

A Game for Two (2004, Short Film)


National Quality Prize - Thessaloniki Film Festival 2004

Katerina Strauch was born in Germany and raised in Greece. She studied Theater at the Fine Arts School of the Aristoteles University in Thessaloniki and Acting at the National Theater Acting School in Athens. After her studies she turned to filmmaking and worked at film projects as an assistant director and assistant producer.

She is currently based in Berlin. Cortázar is her first film.

Cortázar-Argyris Germanidis.jpg

                     is a film fabricating partnership

            between the Berlin based filmmakers 

            Katerina Strauch and Argyris Germanidis.



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